The Role Of Girls’ Schools

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The importance of purely girls’ schools in today’s society is not given due recognition. Girls are known to excel and develop their full potential if they attend girls’- only schools. Schools like Ipswich High have proved this. There are several reasons for this, and they include the following:

Benefits of girls schools

Co-educational schools fail to recognize girls’ achievementsstudents

Most co-education schools do not celebrate the achievement of girls as they do boys. This makes them become demoralized, thus making them fail to realize their full potential.

They struggle very hard to have their voices heard

The reason for this is that boys are very rowdy when compared to girls and therefore, find it difficult to put across important issues affecting them. This essentially means that their issues are not always addressed in time or with enough seriousness. For this reason, their self-esteem is affected, leading to poor performance and lack of motivation.

Girls are stereotyped

In most co-education schools, it is assumed that girls cannot excel in certain subjects, including sciences and mathematics, as well as the boy. For this reason, girls in such schools tend to perform poorly in these topics merely because they believe what they hear.

They lack role models

In most co-educational schools, no emphasis is put on the achievements of women in various fields. This means that most girls in these schools are not aware of the existence of successful women in such areas as science, medicine, aviation, as well as other professions. As a matter of fact, co-educational schools are known to show unintended systemic bias towards the achievements of great men when teaching a history and science curriculum.

For this reason, girls in such schools are therefore not likely to see themselves as future leaders in various relevant fields. For this reason, they are not likely to be ambitious, and for this reason, they leave school with the idea that they cannot achieve as highly as boys.

They face unhealthy completion

Most of the girls in co-educational schools woclassuld love to do what they like best. However. They face a lot of competition from boys and also face a lot of social pressure. This implies that they cannot muster enough courage to pursue their interests, especially they choose to do ‘geeky’ subjects, including computer science.

When one considers the above facts, it becomes apparent that girls in girls-only schools have better prospects in developing their careers when compared to the ones in co-educational schools. This is because they have the freedom to choose what they want to study and in addition, no body can compel them to conform to gender stereotypes of any kind. Essentially, girls-only schools provide the best environment for girls to excel in their education in whatever field they choose to study.…